NIST Traceable Calibration

NIST Traceable Mercury Calibrator

Mercury Instruments USA maintains a calibration and service laboratory space in Littleton Colorado for performing NIST traceable instrument calibrations and service. Our laboratory is complete with a NIST Traceable MC 3000 Mercury Calibrator (MC 3000 NIST Vendor Prime Report # 639.03-12.141) and everything else necessary to service, evaluate, calibrate, test, and certify your instrument.

NIST Traceable MC 3000 Mercury Calibrator

Annual Service & Calibration

Mercury Instruments USA recommends that you send us your detector every 12 months for an annual service and instrument calibration.

Standard Annual Service & Calibration Includes:

  • Replacement of all tubing
  • Installation of new carbon filter
  • Thorough cleaning of instrument including all glassware
  • Deep cleansing of all fittings (replacement if needed)
  • Complete electronic function check
  • 5 Point Calibration (includes certificate of calibration)

The flat price for the standard annual service and mercury instrument calibration does not include replacement of damaged glassware, replacement of electronics or any repair beyond the basic service listed above. If our service technician finds that there is a problem that requires anything more than the standard service and calibration, we will immediately contact you with your available options and pricing. With your approval we will then complete the service and calibration of your instrument.

Please fill out the form below to receive a quote and be transferred to a link where you can download the shipping instructions and return authorization form.

For service information please feel free to contact Nick Hummell at (303) 972-3740 ext. 201 or at