Hg Analyst Software for VM and Tracker

Hg Analyst Software for VM and Tracker

Additional Product Details

Data Acquisition and Email Alert Software Package for use with the Mercury Tracker 3000, 3000XS and VM 3000

Hg Analyst Software Features Include:

  • Real Time Data Acquisition
  • Collects Data file from the instrument data logger, includes date and time stamp for each reading
  • Incorporated Excel spreadsheet with measurement number, Time, Date & Reading
  • On Screen Graph with real time reading, overall average value, peak value and running time
  • 1 and 5 minute average and peak reading

Email Alert & Notification System

  • Add unlimited email address
  • User selectable alarm threshold with unlimited alarm values
  • User Selectable Average Value/Specified Time alert
  • Receive an email for an average measurement over a set period of time
  • Peak measurement of a pre selected time period
  • Receive an email notification with the complete Excel File every 1 to 5 hours

Hg Analyst Download

To Download the Hg Analyst to your PC, you must first check to see if your Windows operating system is 32 bit or 64 bit. If you are not sure, please refer to the instructions below on how to find out.

Click link below to start software download

Download Hg Analyst 32 bit Download Hg Analyst 64 bit

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