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Thank you for visiting Mercury Instruments USA we are a leading provider of mercury detection systems. If you need to detect mercury in air, mercury vapor, mercury in natural gas, mercury in liquid samples, mercury in solid samples, mercury spill emergency response, hazmat mercury response, mercury in fish, process monitoring for mercury, workplace mercury monitoring, On-line mercury monitoring of air or water. If you need to detect mercury, we can provide you with the right mercury detection system.
Mercury Vapor Anlayzer Rental

Mercury Instruments USA provides the most reliable, easy to use Mercury Vapor Monitors in the world. Our mercury gas detectors are true continuous mercury sniffers with sensitivity as low as .1 ng/m3.. No cycle times or regenerating is required. Our VM 3000 & Tracker 3000XS detectors will not become saurated like the old style gold film sensors.

Mercury Vapor Anlayzer Rental

Mercury Instruments USA now offers a wide range of (MVA) mercury vapor analyzer rental units. If you need to rent a mercury vapor analyzer for a day, for a week or for a month, we can provide you with the right rental detector. Rent the Portable Mercury Tracker 3000, Rent the VM 3000 Mercury Vapor Monitor, Rent the Jerome J405 Hand Held.

Mercury Monitoring System

The MMS mercury monitoring system has changed the way companies approach complete facility monitoring of mercury. The system is designed to automatically and sequentially monitor mercury from 2 to 24 sample points.

LA-254 Mercury Analyzer

The LabAnalyzer 254 is used for quantitative determination of mercury in aqueous samples and sample digests. In contrast to a typical multi-element AAS the LabAnalyzer 254 is specially designed for elemental mercury.

PA 2 mercury process anlayzer

The mercury process analyzer PA-2 is used for continuous monitoring of mercury concentrations in industrial processes. The PA-2 is not a laboratory analyzer simply converted for process applications but has been designed specifically for operation under harsh industrial conditions.

VM 3000 Mercury vapor monitor

The VM-3000 Mercury Vapor Monitor measures the elemental mercury vapor concentration in air and other gases continuously. It is used in the laboratory or can be installed at places where mercury has to be monitored.

UT 3000 Mercury Analyzer

The UT-3000 Mercury UltraTracer provides a compact and reliable tool for measuring mercury in gases at ultra trace levels. Utilizing the high performance GoldTrap amalgamation module and an optimized state of the art AA mercury vapor detector the UT-3000 UltraTracer offers detection limits at sub-ng/m³ (ppq-parts per quadrillion) levels.

MC 3000 NIST traceable Mercury Calibrator

The MC-3000 is used for generating a continuous NIST Traceable stream of a mercury vapor loaded gas in order to check or calibrate mercury analyzers. It is also suitable for all those applications where a gas stream with a preset and constant mercury concentration is needed.

Bulb Eater

The "Premium" Bulb Eater® system not only crushes spent fluorescent lamps of any length into 100% recyclable material, but also captures over 99.99% of the mercury vapor released!

Atomic Absorption Spectrometry


Atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS) is used in order to get maximum analytical performance and measurement accuracy for mercury concentrations from 1 ppt (parts per trillion) to 100 ppm (parts per million), cold vapor atomic absorption spectroscopy" (CVAAS) is extremely sensitive for mercury determination and has been used successfully over a period of many years. The cold vapor atomic absorption technique is widely used for mercury trace analysis because of its simplicity, robustness, and relative freedom from interferences. Excellent detection limits can be achieved with our modern instruments.

Introduction to Elemental Mercury

Elemental mercury is a heavy, silvery metal element that is a liquid at room temperature. Liquid mercury evaporates at room temperature and these vapors are invisible, odorless, and, at high levels, are very toxic. Mercury is unique among the toxic metals since more information is available concerning the toxic effects of mercury on humans than is available from animal studies. Mercury is regulated as hazardous waste and all products containing mercury must be disposed of in a accordance with state environmental regulations. In most states both fluorescent light bulbs and mercury vapor lamps can be stored on site (provided certain procedures are followed) and recycled. Broken lamps and bulbs can result in hazardous exposure.